7 Savvy Repair Tips for Your Home


Today I would like to offer useful and savvy tips to help homeowners to tackle the repairing jobs themselves because when it comes to helping homeowners with home improvement San Antonio TX chores and household tasks very few articles available online. So following are 7 tips that will help you to maintain your home with DIY job.

1. Repairing a leaky toilet

Leaky toilets jack up your bill by wasting water. They make annoying noise to disturb you every time. Usually it gets solved by changing the flapper.

2. Repair drywall holes.

Drywall repair becomes difficult if you need to patch flush with the existing wall. An easy repair could me cutting it down on sanding with pumpkin patch.

3. Kitchen Cabinet doors.

Sometimes Kitchen cabinet doors become rub and difficult to close or even look cockeyed. You can use screwdriver to adjust them again in an easy way.

4. Open a stuck window.

A window gets stuck when dust, moisture or paint builds on it. It is easy to remove old paint by using pizza cutter or a utility knife. Take care that you do not scratch the wooden sash. If windows movement is becoming harder with humidity, a humidifier can help you to suck moisture.

5. Leaking faucet.

If a faucet is leaking, it wastes a lot of water every day. Replace it as soon as possible or even if it is not possible for you to replace it immediately then tie a string around it.

6. Door squeaks.

Use lubricant with white lithium grease on top and bottom hinges to take the squeak out of doors. Or if you do not find lubricant handy, use olive oil as a temporary fix.

7. Shutting off main water service.

Find the main water shutoff valve which is usually located in your garage area. Turn it off to stop the main water supply to stop any excess water to come out.

A properly maintained home will save you money by increasing the longevity of your appliances and existing structures alongside helping you become more energy-efficient and save more money on utility bills. These home improvement tips will help you to keep everything running in tiptop shape without much efforts and spending money. If you still need home remodelling and renovation guidance, you can visit our website

Does your home need some repairing? See these seven handy DIY repair tips that will save you money and prevent damage.

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