A Perfect Cottage Style Kitchen


Do you like uncomplicated, blustery atmosphere of a cottage style kitchen? Does your family get the feeling that you should have it at your home?

Cottage style kitchens have become wildly popular trend now days. They all are the rage since they let us flee to a simpler and slower time without giving up our fast paced lives in the modern era. We always love to stick to the essentials that make us more comfortable. That is the key reason why cottage style kitchens work so well. Since they are efficient and pared down, they are also conductive to today’s busy and fast lifestyle.

People have started hiring Kitchen remodelling Seguin companies to have such kitchens. They characteristics of such kitchens are

  • Happy-go-lucky approach
  • Useful vintage functions and
  • Moderate use of whitewashed paint

To have the cottage style kitchen, first move is to make a decision that how much to extend the look. Options are to go for full-blown vintage, add cottage style features gradually by remodelling the kitchen or replete with distressed walls and exposed framing.

Whatever option you choose, just remember to choose those items and products which replicate or resemble great antique finds. Look for that primitive, simple look that has sophistication.

Here are some of the tips that will help you remodel to a cottage style kitchen:

1. Shelves: Open shelves and plate racks that are painted with light colour or whitewashed look great.

2. Window treatments: Avoid elaborate treatments to cottage windows as they are portals to the great outdoors. Have a woven shade or simple valance ventilation. To show off their great shapes or wood mouldings, you can leave the windows bare.

3. Countertops and sinks: Well-liked accompaniments to the cottage look are apron-front sinks and farmhouse. You can add a ceramic or stainless steel to pantry area or island to have a touch of luxury. White Calcutta marble with brown and yellow tones will look beautiful on countertops and backsplashes.

4. Faucets: Use antique high arch or wall-mount faucet finished in chrome to enhance a farmhouse-style or apron-front.

5. Cabinetry and hardware: You can accentuate cabinets with large wooden knobs or old-fashioned freezer handles. Have all the hardware finishes such as antique bronze or oiled. Consider insertion of feet on hutch and other cabinets so that they closely resemble to furniture.

6. Floors & Ceiling: Having old wooden style flooring and ceiling will give a charm to your kitchen.

Cottage style kitchen look best in traditional and smaller houses. You can hire a professional company who can add a cosier feel and remodel your kitchen completely. Especially Seguin Contracting Provide Kitchen Services in San Antonio Area so you can visit our website for further enquiry.

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