Different Sides-Different windows! Choosing the right replacement windows


Windows on East Side

The best part about installing windows on this side is that, the morning sun enters your room and gives you fresh and energetic start to your day, Sunlight is known to increase energy levels, and being able to see the beautiful sunrise every morning is one scene you’ll never get tired of. Nothing freshens up the room like sunlight, always consider installing where you get the maximum sunlight in rooms.

Windows on West Side

Having windows installed on this of house will offer you stunning views on sunset. Although it has one disadvantage, it can really heat up your room in afternoon as sunlight is strongest during this time, and this can drastically increase the temperature of your room, moreover this might also increasing your room’s cooling cost. It is highly recommended that, you should always install double pane windows; these energy-efficient windows will help you limit the sun’s heat.  Furthermore you can also lessen the heat by closing window curtains in the afternoon. Moreover selecting proper material can also resolve this issue, material such vinyl can be very useful in such cases as its biggest advantage is that, it helps keeping the heat out during summer, and keeps your rooms warm during winters.

Windows on North side

Installing windows on north can work wonders for you, these windows are great way to let in the calm, natural light into your room. Usually north-facing windows receive less direct sunlight, so you don’t need to worry about your room being overheated. Although there is one issue, that is wind, Northern winds can blow powerfully, and this is even more of a problem in winter seasons. We recommend installing windows having seals to keep away drafts.

Windows on South side

The south-facing side of house is the most popular place to install many windows, it is the best location to install any types of windows, if you’ve large open space, you can opt for full wall of windows. Which should completely change the look of your house and brighten up the space without heating up the room, however if you feel there is too much light into your room, you can always place some trees to lessen the brightness.


Carefully installing windows in your house can make a great impact on overall atmosphere of your house. With wide range of materials and styles, you should carefully select the types and size of windows as selecting the ones that not match your house might not look as you wished. If you’re not certain about the styles or types of windows, Seguin Contracting can always suggest of fresh ideas for your project. You can call us on 830-386-6550.

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